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Cycling jersey with a vision of the cycling future, the perfect jersey for any cyclist.
Unisex cut, slightly fitted, 100% cotton. Made in Poland.

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T-shirt WINTERTAL "CYBErIDE" MEN is a great men's T-shirt for every fan of shooting on the trainer at home. The design presented on the T-shirt presents a vision of the imminent shower of environmentalism when we will only rely on riding a trainer. The jersey is dedicated to all bicycle geeks.

The t-shirt is made of 100% high-quality cotton. It is soft, pleasant to the touch, and does not cause allergies, so it is pleasant to wear all day long. Ideally suited to both the downhill track, during a weekend ride and during everyday use.

T-shirt WINTERTAL "CYBERIDE" MEN is a perfectly made T-shirt both in terms of material, style and print quality. The use of high-quality cotton and subjecting it to a special process allowed for exceptional comfort to the touch. This makes the T-shirt perfect from early morning to late evening, ensuring comfort both during training and while relaxing. The lightly fitted cut with short sleeves does not restrict shoulder movement, giving them full reach.

The graphic design of the t-shirt is also fantastic. Every detail has been reproduced in a hand-drawn sketch. The highest quality print allowed to reproduce all the details of this brilliant design on cotton. The colors are vivid and intense, and the printing durability is very high. On the back of the t-shirt, on the neck, there is the WINTERTAL logo - a wolf's head made of a red flock.

The WINTERTAL "CYBERIDE" MALE T-shirt will certainly allow you to stand out in the crowd.

The most important features:

1.100% ecologically sourced cotton
2. Hand Made
3. Signed with the Fair Design Wear sign - the entire production process takes place with respect for employee rights, we do not use minors
4. Ecological print, very durable, of the highest quality
5. Flock with Wintertal logo on the neck
6. Original design, each t-shirt signed with the signature
7. Limited series
8. Each t-shirt comes with instructions on how to care for it, so that it will serve us for years

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Textile100% Cotton
ExtrasWintertal's wolf in flock technology on the neck,
RozmiarXS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Jestem fanem

Grafika, jak wszystkie wasze, jest super. Fajnie byłoby gdyby była dostępna też na długim rękawie

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    Cycling jersey with a vision of the cycling future, the perfect jersey for any cyclist.
    Unisex cut, slightly fitted, 100% cotton. Made in Poland.

    Size guide t-shirt man

    To choose the right size:

    1. Measure yourself in the places shown in the figure with a slight looseness so that the t-shirt is not too tight.


    2. The second way to choose the right size will be to compare our favourite t-shirt from the wardrobe with the size given below.

    If you still have doubts about the size, please contact us and we will certainly help.

    XS45 cm64 cm
    S50 cm69 cm
    M53 cm72 cm
    L56 cm74 cm
    XL58 cm76 cm
    XXL62 cm78 cm

    ATTENTION!!! Remember that the sizes may differ up to 5% of the width and height due to the production process.