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T-shirt WINTERTAL "FINGERPRINTS SILVER ALUMINIUM" Women is a sensational T-shirt for every lover of delicious clothing produced in Poland. If you care about high quality, this t-shirt is just for you.

The t-shirt was made of SUPIMA® cotton with a weight of 160 g / m2 - the world's best, high-quality fabric, which does not stretch, does not pilling and does not lose color. Additionally, it is extremely delicate, pleasant to the touch and silky smooth.

T-shirt WINTERTAL "FINGERPRINTS SILVER ALUMINIUM" Women is a perfectly made T-shirt in terms of material, style and print quality. The use of the highest quality cotton allowed us to obtain an absolutely unique product, the quality of which will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding.

Each FINGERPRINTS SILVER ALUMINIUM T-shirt is packed with a decorative box with a lid. In an elegant black package with a gold Wintertal logo, our jersey is the perfect and ready gift for any cyclist.

Unique, original graphics are the hallmarks of the Wintertal brand. With our clothes you will definitely not get lost in the crowd!

Key features:

1. Cotton SUPIMA® Word's Finest Cotton
2. Handmade in Poland
3. Unique , original design signed with the signature
4. Metallic, shiny finish
5. Delicate as silk
6. Weight 160 g / m2
7. Wintertal logo on the neck
8. Each t-shirt comes with instructions on how to care for it, so that it will serve us for years

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ShapeSlim fit
Textile100% cotton SUPIMA®
ExtrasBlack gift box with gold WINTERTAL logo
RozmiarS, M, L , XL

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T-shirt women's Noble

To choose the right size:

1. Measure in the places indicated in the picture with a slight slack so that the t-shirt is not too tight.


2. The second way to choose the right size is to compare our favorite t-shirt from the wardrobe with the sizes given below.

If you still have doubts about choosing the size, please contact us and we will help you.

3. Please take into account that the T-shirt has short sleeves and is waisted.

S43 cm62 cm10 cm
M46 cm63 cm11 cm
L50 cm65 cm12 cm
XL55 cm67 cm13 cm

CAUTION!!! Remember that the sizes may differ up to 5% of the width and height due to the production process.